New England Bubble Soccer

New England Bubble Soccer is the only provider of bubble soccer recognized by NABS (National Association of Bubble Soccer) in Massachusetts. We bring the exciting new sport of Bubble Soccer to a venue near you indoor or outdoor. We set up and host bubble soccer events all across New England.

New England Bubble Soccer guarantees lots of action and laughter. Once the whistle blows for start for the game, everybody dives right in. There’s a lot of bumping, bouncing, rolling and laughing, especially from those watching. We guarantee you and your friends will be laughing for days after an event with us!

New England Bubble Soccer is owned and operated by Boston City FC captain Ronaldo Vieira and has featured as a popular halftime activity at Lions home matches.

Find out more about New England Bubble Soccer here and play for yourself.

No matter where you live in New England this is one of the most fun things to do. Pick the date, time and location and we will come to you, anywhere in New England.  This isn’t just for kids or just for adults. No matter your age you will be able to participate and enjoy this incredibly fun game.


Proud Sponsors of Boston City Football Club