Diary From Brazil Part 2

Three Boston City FC prospects – Samuel Deossa, Christopher Gilbert and Jeremy Pachter – are currently in Brazil, training with the Lions’ sister club’s professional team in the state of Minas Gerais. Here’s the second in a series of diary updates from the traveling trio, as midfielder Samuel Deossa (pictured middle, celebrating a Boston City U.S. Open Cup goal) talks training, food and keeping up with schoolwork. The 17-year-old is missing classes to attend training in Brazil, so has several homework assignments to complete.

“We’ve been here for a week now and we’re enjoying the experience and have settled into a routine. We wake up very early for coffee and a selection of breads for breakfast, then straight after that, we train.

Training is hard work, but thankfully my dad (Boston City FC II coach Cesar Deossa) pushed me hard enough to be prepared, so I’m kind of used to it. The heat does not help though, and you get very dehydrated, so you have to keep drinking water throughout the day. Every day, the temperatures are high, but it is the constant humidity that is the biggest challenge.

After practice we have lunch, which is mostly the same thing every day: rice beans chicken or beef, and water. Always water every day to stay hydrated. No juice, no soda.

Sometimes after practice I’m very exhausted and I don’t feel like doing homework, but I am obligated to do it, so I just put my headphones on, close out everything around me and focus on my school work.

We are all packed into a little building at the training center, with about 20 of us, six to a room. You would think that without reliable internet we would be bored out of our minds, but without internet we have more of a chance to talk to each other and spend quality time with our new Brazilian friends. Most of the nights, we spend hour after hour just speaking about soccer and our countries and all the things that you’d expect guys of our age to be interested in. Sometimes it might be hard to understand what everyone is saying, considering that we are not from here, but we make it work.

The experience is great. Brazil has really opened my eyes and I thank God every day for the opportunity He has given me to play soccer in this wonderful country.”


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